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As a Web Dudette I can do much more for you than just build a website...if you want to learn to do it yourself, I will assist you...if you want to market your existing website, I can assist you...if you want a consultation on upgrading your website, I will assist you. 

I work to assist you and/or your company create a presence online.

An online presence is more than just having a website; the website is just the beginning.  Once you have space online with your website, it is time to bring in customers by creating a brand through marketing and staying current with regular maintenance and updates – building Your online PRESENCE. 

Whether you're a well established organization or an up-and-coming entrepreneur, this is the place to start for creating your future on the world wide web.

Now your wondering what this all means, how can you get started?

Visit WebDudette.com to find out how you can get a customized plan of action to get started at an affordable price within your budget.

I also have PC repair services available for those local in the Phoenix, AZ and Tucson, AZ areas.  I plan to expand into other areas in the near future, but my focus is on websites right now because it is easier for me to work with and reach more people.  It does not matter where you are in the country, video chat has made it possible for me to conference with long distance clients through the internet.
Heather Nyki Burch
Tucson, AZ

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