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I started modeling many years ago, on accident actually, but it became a career I love.  It provides opportunity to travel and meet people as well as gaining a collection of amazing pictures.  I have a model portfolio with numerous galleries showing many images of my work modeling as well as a store of merchandise to shop through.  

Unfortunately, my model portfolio website at www.lovenyki.com, is currently having server problems and I am working on transferring all of that information to a new location.  In the mean time I have uploaded my resume and composite card here.  Soon I will have new links to my modeling portfolio with many images to browse through.

I started as a hobby model, simply doing it to have fun and get some great pictures.  Then I graduated into commercial lifestyles and glamour modeling where I began to get paid.  It felt great to make money and soon venturing into promotional modeling where I got experience as a brand ambassador, spokes model, and trade show model.  From then on I was hooked and really began to develop me career as model.  I started working as an extra in film and stepped into the runway modeling scene which was the most exhilarating experience of my career.  The next big milestone for my modeling career is to be a part of a print campaign in a magazine or catalog. 

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Experienced Model

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