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I got started in the fashion industry as a runway model.  I loved runway so much I wanted to be more involved and take it to another level so I began working as a designer.  

I have been sewing since I was young.  My mom used to make clothes for us and I remember my favorite outfit was one she made.  She is my teacher and mentor.  Coming from a start in quilting and crochet I grew into a seamstress, altering clothing to fit me better.  That soon grew into altering the clothing to create my own style and at the same time I graduated into crocheted articles of clothing moving from blankets and pot holders to hats and scarves.  As my technique and skills developed a vision began to form, a signature look and style for my creations.  My work is driven by not only a passion to express unique style, but also a strong drive to make a difference in the world.  When I learned that it was estimated that on average, Americans throw away 68lb of textiles per year - fabrics including clothing, curtains, blankets, etc.  This inspired me to join the GoGreen movement with my fashions so much of my designs are 'recycled fashions'.  I reuse any type of fabric, from tattered pants to discarded curtains.  I can do something with anything!

Since starting out as a designer, there have been influences that have come into my life and I found a love and passion for costuming.  I have always considered Halloween as my favorite time of year because of the opportunity to get dressed up in costume.  I have always striven to be unique with my costumes, not wanting to settle for the packaged costumes and look like someone's twin.  So it seemed a natural extension of my design work to include costuming along with my fashion line.

Today I am a designer creating individual fashions and one-of-a-kind costumes.

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